Prices (effective 8/1/15)

These prices and descriptions cover the services most commonly requested by my clients. I will provide the total price for your approval prior to beginning work.

If your project falls outside of these descriptions, please contact me to discuss the details and obtain a free estimate.

Substantive editing:

$30 per 250 words

25% discount for clients at academic institutions or nonprofit organizations

This service provides a heavy level of editing and includes the following:

  • Editing for English language usage, grammar, spelling, and clarity of meaning 
  • Checking for consistency between the text, tables, and figures
  • Checking for consistency between references cited in the text and the reference list
  • Clarifying any of my suggested edits or comments after you have reviewed them

The word count used for pricing includes the manuscript text; table titles, headings, and footnotes; and figure legends.

Reference list editing is optional but can be included at the above price.


$225 to $450 per manuscript

This service is suitable for a finished manuscript formatted for one journal that needs to be formatted for submission to another. The exact cost will depend on the length of the manuscript and the amount of formatting required.